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March 2007 Convention of E.O.T.A. - Greece, Kinetta - Attica - Greece

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June - July 2006: Festival of Nafplion

Japan: Honoured country of the 15th Festival of Nafplion
E.O.T.A.- Greece: Ikebana demonstration of the Ohara School of Japan

Μarch 2006: Ohara School Headquarters' Exhibition

"Ikebana from now on" was the title given to the celebration of the Ohara School commemorating the Centenial Birth Anniversary of the late Headmaster Houn Ohara as well as the 111th anniversary of the Ohara School founded by Unshin Ohara.

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October 2005: Ikebana Seminar in Greece.

E.O.T.A.- Greece welcomed in Athens Ass. Professor Takumi Ito and his assistant, Ass. Professor Hiroyuki Kawakami. The Japanese Masters were sent to Greece by Ohara School Headquarters of Japan to direct this Ikebana-Ohara seminar.

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