The Municipality of Nafplion (the first capital of liberated Greece in the 19th century) organized  for the last 15 years the festival of classical music. Well known artists from all over the world were invited to participate in these important musical  events which took place in the historical places of:


Palamidi   Bourtzi   St. George Square   Vouleftiko


This year, Japan was the honoured country of the 15th Festival of Nafplion. Parallel to the musical events, some of the traditional arts of the Land of the Rising Sun were demonstrated to the citizens of Nafplion and its foreign visitors:

Entrance to Vouleftikon Bldg

Part of the Japanese Dolls exhibition

- Exhibition of DOLLS, CONTEMPORARY PAINTING and BOOKS from Japan.
- IKEBANA demonstration of the OHARA SCHOOL of Japan.
- ORIGAMI demonstration.
- BUTOH  Japanese dance.
- KENDO demonstration.
- SHODO demonstration.

Τhe IKEBANA demonstration of the OHARA SCHOOL of Japan was performed by the President of the European Ohara Teachers Association - "E.O.T.A.", Mrs Joanna Charitou Barczyk, who was assisted by a member of the E.O.T.A. Board,
Mrs Sophia Spitha Kallitsi.

Mrs Barczyk demonstrated the following arrangements: 3 arrangements of Hana Isho, Modern arrangement in 3 glass  tall vases, Realistic landscape, Rimpa, Bunjin in tall vase, Traditional Basket.  The demonstration took place in Vouleftikon Building, the first House of Parliament of liberated Greece, 1825 - 1828.


Speech by Mrs. Barczyk concerning the history of Ikebana and Ohara School
    Ikebana demonstration
Mrs. Barczyk expresses cordial thanks to Mrs. Kallitsi for her kind cooperation


From right to left: Mr. Akira Sato, Cultural Attaché
  of the Japanese Embassy and Mrs Sato, Mrs Sophia
  Spitha Kallitsi, Mrs Joanna Charitou Barczyk,
  Mr.Janis Vakarelis, Art Director of the Festival of
  Nafplion and Mrs Vakarelis


The President of E.O.T.A. - Greece, Mrs Joanna Charitou Barczyk would like to express special thanks to:

- The Embassy of Japan for the honour to demonstrate IKEBANA-OHARA.
- The Mayor of Nafplion, Mr. Panayiotis Anagnostaras, for the hospitality in the historical building of Vouleftikon.
- The Art Director of the Festival of Nafplion, Mr. Janis Vakarelis for the kind assistance and cooperation received from him
  and his associates, as well as for the last shown photograph from the records of the Phormigx Concert Agency.